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Below is a list of books we recommend. We do not sell books directly but provide links to and Our organization receives a small percentage of purchases made from them. Thank you for your support. is the world's largest online marketplace for books, listing millions of new, used, rare, and out-of-print books from thousands of booksellers. They usually have at least a dozen of each of Tohei Sensei's books available at any given time. Their prices for used books are very competitive. is one of the largest retailers on the internet. has several of Tohei Sensei's latest books available for a deep discount. Their affiliates usually have a wide range of Tohei Sensei's older books available used. All links will open in a new browser window.

We suggest you visit both sites before purchasing a book. All links will open in a new browser window.

Books by Koichi Tohei Sensei
Tohei Sensei was a prolific writer throughout his life. His writings have been translated and published in many languages including English. Several of his books were non-fiction best sellers in Japan

Below are the books he authored that are available in English.

Ki in Daily Life
by Koichi Tohei
July 2001, Paperback, 140 pages
This book is an ideal primer
when you start training.
by Koichi Tohei
February 2003, Paperback, 118 pages
Ki Breathing
by Koichi Tohei
March 2005, Digital, 105 pages
The Way to Union with Ki
by Koichi Tohei
September 2001, Hardback, 396 pages
Ki Sayings
by Koichi Tohei
February 2003, Soft Leather, 44 pages
Book of Ki: Co-ordinating Mind and Body in Daily Life
by Koichi Tohei
November 1976, Paperback, 102 pages
This Is Aikido, with Mind and Body Coordinated
by Koichi Tohei
May 1978, Hardback, 186 pages
What Is Aikido?
by Koichi Tohei
1974, Paperback, 118 pages
Aikido, the Arts of Self-Defense
by Koichi Tohei
1969, Paperback, 174 pages
Aikido in Daily Life
by Koichi Tohei
May 1966, Hardback, 202 pages
Ki Training Guides
by Koichi Tohei
1974, Paperback
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