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Aikido for Children

In children's class students learn the principles of mind and body coordination. This helps them direct their energy more positively and effectively, and gain self-confidence. Ki and Aikido training are combined in a non-competitive environment to teach children to utilize their full potential.

Our instructors have been conducting children's classes since the 1970s. All instructors and assistants are qualified individuals who actively participate in ongoing instructor training programs to maintain certification.

Benefits of Training
This training promotes tangible benefits such as good mental and physical health. By applying the Ki principles, children improve their performance in activities such as schoolwork, sports, music and art. More importantly, they gain the intangible benefits of having a positive attitude, respect, always doing one's best, being able to calm one's mind, concentration, and self-discipline. The art of non-dissension applies to leading and following in the dojo. It also applies directly to being able to get along with family, siblings, peers and schoolmates.

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These benefits are the result of fundamental applications of Ki and Aikido training. Good learning skills - listening, concentrating on task, and following through to completion - are naturally developed. Children gain confidence in their abilities, and as they grow, the tools and direction of Ki training provide something for them to rely on. A disciplined, cooperative environment helps them to learn to work and grow with others.

Suggested Ages For Training
Children ages four to twelve train in the Children's Program. Teens are encouraged to join the regular evening Ki and Aikido classes.

Parental Involvement
The support of a parent or guardian is important to the success of any child. This is especially true for Aikido training. One important aspect of parental involvement is a basic understanding of Ki and Aikido principles. Having this knowledge, parents can reinforce our lessons in the child's daily life, thus greatly increasing the impact of training. To this end, we highly encourage parents to participate in introductory lessons for adults. These can be scheduled during any of our normal evening Ki classes.

Communicate with your child's sensei (instructor) about his or her progress and difficulties both on and off the mat. This provides valuable insight for the instructor to use in helping your child.

Dojo and Training Etiquette
Training etiquette is a basic part of our Ki and Aikido program. Etiquette teaches respect for all things, discipline, and creates a safe environment in which we can learn to help and care for each other. Tohei Sensei says to learn we must have an attitude of "growing together".

These are the basic rules to follow:
  • Remove shoes upon entering the dojo.

  • Bow upon entering and leaving the dojo and when stepping on and off the mat. Bow to each other and the sensei during training. This demonstrates respect for all, but more importantly, demonstrates an open mind and willingness to learn.

  • Address instructors and assistants as "sensei". Greet your sensei upon arrival to class and say goodbye before leaving.

  • Parents please accompany your child when dropping them off for class or picking them up. Safety is our biggest concern, and this also allows us to communicate important information directly to the parents.

  • Come in clean clothes. Make sure your hands and feet are clean. Remove all jewelry.

  • No chewing gum please.

  • Use the restroom and have a drink of water before class. This avoids unnecessary disruptions during class. If you must leave the mat during class, please check with a sensei first.

  • Students need to listen carefully and observe proper training rules to avoid injury.

  • We encourage parents to watch class. We ask that if you talk to please keep your voices quiet so as not to distract the children.

  • If your child is unable to attend class(es), we would appreciate being informed.
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