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Personal Kiatsu School

Ki does not flow well in a person who is ill or injured. Kiatsu mobilizes a person's natural healing processes by restoring the flow of living energy. Ki pressing improves circulation, reduces tension, and enhances health. It also helps reduce or eliminate pain, stiffness, and swelling caused by stress or minor injury.

The Kiatsu program provides a formalized approach to learning the universal principles of Ki. Students learn Kiatsu and Ki principles for improving health, increasing relaxation, and enhancing their daily lives.

What is the Personal Kiatsu School?
The Kiatsu School in Japan was founded in 1980. A graduate of the school is certified as a practitioner of Kiatsu and can, if they desire, open a professional Kiatsu practice.

The Personal Kiatsu School in Portland, Oregon was founded in 1993. The school was founded with the blessing of Koichi Tohei Sensei. The charter of the Personal Kiatsu School differs from the school in Japan. Graduates receive their certification from Japan, but are not authorized as professional practitioners. This is due to the differences in the legal systems in Japan and the United States.

The head of instruction at the Personal Kiatsu School is Calvin Yutaka Tabata. Tabata Sensei was personally trained by Master Tohei and is a certified Kiatsu instructor. He is also a 8th degree black belt in Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido and a Lecturer in the Ki Society International.

The director of the Personal Kiatsu School program is Terry Copperman, M.D. Copperman Sensei has been training in the Ki Society for over 30 years and has been involved in the Personal Kiatsu School since its inception.

The leader of the Orange County Kiatsu group is John Gilmore. Gilmore Sensei has been training in the Ki Society for over 40 years. He is a Kiatsu Assistant Lecturer and a graduate of the Personal Kiatsu School. He is also a Ki Lecturer and an Okuden in Ki Training.

How Does the Program Work?
Until recently the Personal Kiatsu School's only offering was a course that required attending 3-hour classes twice a week for a period of two years. This, of course, limited participation to those who lived close to the school, which is in Portland, Oregon.

Over the last several years a different approach has been pioneered in Japan and has been shown to be an effective way of teaching Kiatsu. This new approach is now being added to the course offerings of the Personal Kiatsu School.

The new program is seminar-based. These seminars will be held on weekends and will run all day Saturday and all day Sunday. At least 10 weekend seminars will be held each year in various locations. Students that are able to attend four seminars a year can graduate in 2 and a half years. Any student may extend the program and complete the eight required seminars in a longer period of time.

Wondering what a seminar is like? Click here to find out.

In addition to the seminars, students are required to attend one local Kiatsu class every two weeks between seminars. We have been authorized to conduct these local Kiatsu classes in Orange County. During these sessions we will review the materials taught at the most recent seminar at the Personal Kiatsu School. Students are also expected to practice Kiatsu a minimum of 3 hours a week and start a daily personal Ki training regime.

What Does the Curriculum Include?
The basic textbook for the Kiatsu program is "Kiatsu" by Koichi Tohei Sensei.

The Personal Kiatsu School curriculum is broken down into 5 main areas as follows:

Mind and Body Coordination
  • Maintain correct posture and balance to eliminate physical stress
  • Relax completely to release mental and physical tension
  • Develop mental and physical calmness and stability
  • Fully activate your living power
Ki Pressing
  • Learn the principles of Kiatsu
  • Learn to press for tension related problems and minor physical injuries
  • Learn Kiatsu techniques for pressing all parts of the body
  • Practice pressing yourself and other students during each class session
  • Self Kiatsu is taught to help you enhance and maintain your own health
Ki Breathing
  • Improve metabolism and overall health
  • Fully draw out waste gases and richly supply fresh oxygen to the whole body
  • Increase mental calmness and concentration
  • Relax physically and feel spiritually connected
Ki Meditation
  • Practice dynamic exercises
  • Improve mental focus and calmness
  • Deepen relaxation
  • Unify mind, body, and spirit
Ki Health Exercises
  • Stretch and lengthen muscles naturally
  • Develop your flexibility
  • Learn to coordinate mind and body in easy stretching movements

How Do I Enroll in the Personal Kiatsu School?
There is a formal process that includes a 4-page application. In addition, there is a contract that states that the student understands that they are not authorized to teach or practice Kiatsu professionally.

Once a student is accepted there is a one-time Ki Society membership fee of $70.00. This fee has already been paid by students in Ki and Aikido classes as well as those who have attended an Introduction to Kiatsu workshop.

Tuition varies depending on the Ki Society programs a student has joined. Click here to see our tuition schedule. This includes attendance to all weekend seminars offered by the school. Twelve weekend seminars were offered in 2015. The tuition also includes all Ki and Kiatsu classes taught in Orange County and at the Personal Kiatsu School in Portland, Oregon. Seminars are currently conducted in Portland, Oregon, Vancouver BC, the UK and in Orange County.
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